HELP, My Ice is White!

white ice

Have you noticed that your commercial ice maker has been a little off lately when it comes to ice production? Perhaps it has started producing white and frosty ice rather than the familiar, clear ice your customers love in their cocktails. White ice can be an indicator there is more than meets the eye with your ice maker, so having it inspected by a Dallas restaurant equipment repair team or any of our certified service technicians within our 28 other locations, may be necessary.

Below, the General Parts Group team has collected some insightful information for you about the importance of maintenance when ice makers produce white ice.

What Causes Ice to Turn White?

Ice appears white when it contains trapped air bubbles and minerals. Some of the more common impurities found in water are minerals like calcium and magnesium, as well as sediment. As these things freeze, gases are released, creating air bubbles and causing ice to shrink on occasion. If you have noticed that your ice maker appears to be producing ice of a smaller size, this is likely the issue.

What Happens if Ice is White?

Since white ice is created by trapped air, it also causes it to melt faster. The minerals present in white ice can also give it a bitter or metallic taste, affecting the quality of the beverages you serve. If your commercial kitchen is known for its beverages or prides itself on producing high-quality frozen products, such as smoothies or other foods, boosting water quality will benefit your business.

How Can I Fix it?

You can prevent your commercial ice maker from producing white ice by having a restaurant repair team in Dallas regularly service it. Investing in a water filtration system is another way you can remove any impurities and offer high-quality water to your clients. Some commercial kitchens also invest in reverse osmosis systems, which are designed to remove nearly all of the solids in your drinking water.

General Parts Group can clear up your white ice problem!

One of the easiest ways to return your commercial ice maker to normal is by having a professional take a look at it. General Parts Group has 29 service locations throughout the United States, equipped to perform maintenance and repairs on nearly any commercial appliance, so contact us today!