How to Identify Parts for Commercial Food Equipment

General Parts Group OEM Replacement Parts Specialist
By Michael Angello – Parts Sales Manager
Having been in the commercial food equipment repair industry for many years now, one of the most frequent questions my Parts Specialist team and I get asked is, how do I know what is the correct part for my equipment? With so many models out on the market it can be confusing and sometimes a daunting task. Hopefully this blog will clear up some questions and make finding the correct foodservice OEM parts for your equipment easier.

Know Your Model and Serial Number

The first thing I always ask a client is, what is your model and serial number. This can usually be found in the owner/operator manual from when the unit was installed. These manuals contain a ton of helpful information about your equipment and contact numbers for assistance. A great tip is to file these documents away somewhere safe. However, if the manual has been misplaced that is okay. There will be an equipment data plate located somewhere on your appliance. If you are having an issue locating it, you can call the manufacturer and they can let you know where it was installed. There are hundreds of manufacturers, and they all have their own placement, so the data plate can be just about anywhere. This plate will also contain some helpful information including the model and serial number. Once you have located this information, we can move onto the next step. Another great tip is to take a picture of the data plate and keep it on file.

Find Your Equipment’s Parts Breakdown

You will need to find the equipment breakdown for your model. There are tons of sites online that have manufacturer equipment parts manuals, General Parts Group also offers this service on our site, it is up to date and easy to use. Simply visit and use the drop-down boxes in the green area in the center of the screen, then hit the magnifying glass at the end of your selections. From here you will be able to locate the part you need and get a part number. If the ‘List of Replacement Parts’ option is available, it will then input all part numbers into the General Parts site and often you will get a picture of the part you need. If possible, you should always visually compare the picture online to what you are replacing to make sure they match. Then you can place you order with General Parts; it is that easy! However, sometimes there is a bump in the road, there are instances where parts have been replaced or a retrofit kit is needed. What to do now?

Still Need Help -Talk with a GP Parts Specialist

If you are still unsure or cannot locate your part, General Parts has knowledgeable Parts Specialists that you can call or email to help you, you can even chat with us right on the website. They will still need a model and serial number to narrow the search, so it is best to have that when you call or email. The team can do all the research for you and get in touch with the manufacture to make sure there is no retrofit kits or upgrades that are needed. They will also make sure you are getting the OEM part for your equipment. However, if you do not have the model and serial number, in this case, a picture is worth a thousand words. Take a few pictures of the part from different angles making certain to include any tags or writing on the part. Email the pictures to and our team will start the investigation. Once our team has found what you need, they will email you a quote and let you know if they have it in stock or if it needs to be ordered.

General Parts Has the OEM Parts You Need

The most important feature of using General Parts is knowing that you are getting Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts. This is important because you are getting a new part that is exactly what was installed in your equipment from the factory, OEM parts therefor protect you by maintaining the original functionality of your piece of equipment. OEM parts also protect your equipment’s warranty. I hope this guide was helpful and remember we’re here to help!