How Water Quality Affects Hot-Beverage Appliances

Water Quality Affects Hot-Beverage

The cleaner your water, the more certain you can be that your commercial hot beverage maker provides a tasty, high-quality drink for clients. Many businesses ensure this happens by investing in a water filtration system to boost water quality.

General Parts Group has helped hundreds of commercial clients by providing food equipment service in Chicago as well as 28 other service location, and they want to share some of their experience with you. Below you will find some helpful information about why water quality is key to your hot-water beverage maker.

What Do Filters Remove from Water?

Water quality differs from place to place, but there are some common materials found in every locale. One of the primary things that water filters remove are minerals that build up in water deposits, such as calcium, magnesium, copper, and iron. Filters will also remove any sediment present in your pipes or the water itself. Water filters also help reduce the number of chemicals in the water that can affect its taste.

Why Use a Water Filter?

One of the primary reasons food equipment service companies recommend investing in commercial water filters is for quality control reasons. Not only does sediment and mineral buildup diminish the taste of hot beverages made with your appliance, it can also impact its lifespan. Hard water and certain minerals eat away at components over time, causing them to eventually need to be replaced.

Which Water Treatment System is Right for Me?

General Parts Group provides Chicago food equipment services to clients with a variety of different commercial water filters. One of the most popular filters used by commercial kitchens for their hot beverage makers is a carbon filtration device, which uses a mechanical filter with activated carbon to reduce chemicals and organic compounds. Many also invest in ion exchange filters, which use a softening resin to minimize minerals causing hard water. To determine what would be best for you, contact a manufacturer representative.

General Parts Group can maintain your filtration device!

Have you decided to provide water of only the highest-quality? Perhaps you need maintenance for your current filtration system: General Parts Group can help. Contact us today to learn more about our Chicago food equipment service and repair programs. General Parts Group has 28 additional service locations that are ideally positioned to provide Quality Service for over one-third of the United States, check out our location here.