Not All Installations Are Equal | General Parts Group

By Tim Koehl – Associate Branch Manager

Recently our service team in Indianapolis completed a very interesting installation project, one for the books as you might say. It’s a story that really highlights the skills and the tremendous variety of work undertaken by food equipment technicians. These particular technicians we are proud to have wear a General Parts Group uniform.

When we got the call from Chef Chad, at Bon Appetit/Butler Dining at Butler University to move a walk-in we said, sure.  ‘Great, but here’s the thing……. it’s an 8ft x 28ft cooler/freezer combo which is virtually new, it’s inside the building but needs moving outdoors onto a pad which does not exist yet!’

So, having got our attention, we set to work by looking at plans to figure out how the project might be done. The team made three very smart decisions before being awarded the project.

Firstly, they made sure Lead Technician Pat could oversee the project through, from start to finish. Secondly, know what you don’t know, and brought in a general contractor to build the outdoor pad.

Lastly, this is a unique training opportunity for technicians with great core skills, who are looking to learn more about bigger projects.

And so, we put together a great team led by Pat and began a highly rewarding and deeply satisfying 3-month project which was broken into three phases of tear down, pad construction and rebuild.

Stage One

This was relatively straight forward but because the internal space was needed, and the pad was not ready, the disassembled box was moved and stored in General Parts Indianapolis’ warehouse.

Additional pressure to start as soon as possible was driven by the 15-week lead time for a new ‘outdoor rated’ walk-in door.

Stage Two

Enter the good folks at Holt Construction who worked as our sub and poured concrete for a 3ft deep 8ft x 30ft pad as well as drilled walls to run electrical.

Images showing the construction of the pad for a walk-in cooler/freezer

Stage Three

Over a period of just one week the box was shipped back to site and reconstructed. The new door was fitted, electrical, and refrigeration was fully hooked up and operationally checked. JOB DONE!

Images of the reinstallation of a walk-in cooler/freezer in a parking lot

What a great project, thanks to the tech team of Pat, Rodney, and Matt for their dedication to getting the project done and for being fast learners. Thanks to Holt Construction for being a great partner and extra special thanks to Chef Chad for giving us this opportunity.

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