Oh No, I Need Service! Call General Parts for All Your Restaurant Equipment Repair Needs

If you’ve ever worked in a commercial kitchen you will be familiar with equipment failure. That terrible moment when pressing the ‘on button’ nothing happens and after a few minutes of shaking, blowing, twisting and praying to the god of kitchen equipment nothing happens and realization hits, oh no, I need to place a service call!

Now at this point one of two things can happen, either rush to the phone and call your service company and tell them ‘hey my fryer’s broken, when can you get here, I need it for the lunch rush’?


Take a moment to jot down the make, model and serial number and then call. Hey, don’t you know how busy I am I hear you cry! We sure do, we know exactly how busy you are and we’d like to pay you back that extra two minutes with better service.

Avoid Purchasing New Equipment until it is Necessary

Letting your service company know these extra few details will help resolve your issue quicker, it could also save you money. Here’s what a professional service company should do with the information you just gave them:

1. Check if your unit is under manufacturer warranty. You’ve paid for cover; why not make the most of it?

2. Check for service bulletins from the manufacturer relating to your unit. You never know, you may be eligible for a retrofit.

3. Check the service history of your unit. Your technician can be made aware of this history by associating it to your new service call. This often leads to quicker diagnosis.

4. Check their service database to find commonly replaced restaurant equipment parts and check if they are available.

5. If your service company is a Factory Authorized Servicer they may have access to O.E.M. parts ‘go boxes’ which can be loaded onto the service truck before dispatch, increasing the chance of a first time fix.

So, next time you need to place that service call, help your service company get busy helping you with faster restaurant equipment repairs and smaller bills.

About General Parts Group

General Parts Group is a provider of Commercial Kitchen Equipment Repair Services. Founded in 1939, the company has grown to be distributor of O.E.M. parts and provides service for over 60,000 customers and 400 manufacturers of commercial foodservice equipment. Corporate headquarters are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and with major branch operations strategically located in Arizona(3), Colorado, Florida, Idaho(2), Illinois, Indiana(2), Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri(2), Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma(2), Oregon(2), Tennessee, Texas(2) and Wisconsin(2), we are ideally positioned to provide Quality Service for over one third of the United States. We are viewed as the market leader in most of the markets we serve and in terms of overall sales, General Parts Group ranks in the top five of independent service companies nationally.