Prioritizing Orders

In our 75 plus years providing restaurant equipment repair services to the foodservice industry, we’ve seen just about every type of problem imaginable. Occasionally, we’re even called in for situations where more than one piece of equipment is not working properly, and we are forced to prioritize what equipment gets repaired first.

Here’s how we handle it when we have to do “triage” and make decisions about the order of repairs in a kitchen that’s has a lot of problems or is undergoing a major renovation.

How Restaurant Equipment Repair Specialists Prioritize Multiple Repairs

Freezers and Refrigerators

This one is a no-brainer. Anything stored in a freezer or refrigerator is going to be heat-sensitive and will start going bad within a few hours of the breakdown. There’s no other equipment malfunction, which can cause more material damage to a kitchen, more quickly. So, we always prioritize the cooling systems along with the food they’re protecting.


Generally speaking, we regard ranges as being the second most critical piece of equipment to service, simply because they’re more multi-purpose. There are more kinds of food and sauces, which can be prepared on ranges than in ovens or other cooking vessels, so we’ll focus on the ranges and get them running first.


Obviously, ovens are almost as important as ranges, so they are given a high priority as well. Often, they’re part of the range, which makes our repair work easier. However, since it’s often easier for a kitchen to work around having a broken oven than a broken range, we’ll hold back on repairing the oven.

Mixers and food processors

Next, on the list are all the various types of blenders. Depending on the kitchen and its menu, these may be more or less vital to the food being prepared – but they’re pretty much always necessary for a lot of dishes.

We don’t overlook slicers, but in a pinch, hand-held knives can function as slicers. There’s no good way for manpower to replace a mixer.

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