The General Parts Group Difference – How Customer Service is Integral to Providing a Positive Restaurant Equipment Repair Service Experience

The food service industry is one of the busiest industries out there, which means that when essential restaurant equipment breaks down, it can put a complete stop to business until it gets repaired. Equipment is the lifeblood of the restaurant industry, which is why it is important to contact a professional for restaurant equipment repair services immediately when something goes wrong.

General Parts Group provides the food service industry with all kinds of services, including service on Kitchen cooking and Preparation, Refrigeration and HVAC equipment. With over 75 years of service, General Parts Group has proven itself as a food service equipment specialist that offers unparalleled customer service.

Emergency Service

Most companies offer 24/7 emergency restaurant equipment repair services, to ensure that restaurants can be back in business as promptly as possible. However, few companies provide the same quality of customer service as the General Parts Group. In addition to offering maintenance, repair, installation, and 24/7 emergency services, The General Parts Group also provides Restaurateurs the service and history and life cycle cost information that assists them in making business decisions when it come to their equipment, unlike many other service companies.

Life Cycle Maintenance

The life of a kitchen is fluid and always changing, which is why General Parts Group offers customized lifecycle maintenance programs that are designed to help restaurants manage their equipment at -throughout its life. Experienced service technicians from General Parts Group are available around the clock to respond to maintenance challenges and therefore can ensure lasting performance for a broad array of equipment.

Restaurant Equipment Repair /Installation Services

With over 140 technicians that are CFESA (Commercial Food Equipment Service Association) trained and industry certified, General Parts Group dispatches technicians fast and accurately, whether for installation or repair purposes. Additionally, the General Parts Group will receive new equipment prior to installation to inspect and preassemble what they to ensure installation is complete in a most timely manner.

Tracking Service

In addition, General Parts Group tracks all of their work as they are doing it. This includes information such as how many times they have visited or what services they have done. By keeping documentation on everything performed during each service call, General Parts Group is able to better advise customers what should be kept and what should be replaced.

General Parts Group offers comprehensive services including restaurant equipment repair, installation services, a tracking service, and emergency 24/7 service with a specialized focus on customer service. To learn more about various services that are offered by General Parts Group, contact their local offices directly to speak with an available parts specialist. Technical expertise is just a call away.

About General Parts Group

General Parts Group is a provider of Commercial Kitchen Equipment Repair Services. Founded in 1939, the company has grown to be distributor of O.E.M. parts and provides service for over 60,000 customers and 400 manufacturers of commercial foodservice equipment. Corporate headquarters are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and with major branch operations strategically located in Arizona(3), Colorado, Florida, Idaho(2), Illinois, Indiana(2), Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Missouri(2), Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma(2), Oregon(2), Tennessee, Texas(2) and Wisconsin(2), we are ideally positioned to provide Quality Service for over one third of the United States. We are viewed as the market leader in most of the markets we serve and in terms of overall sales, General Parts Group ranks in the top five of independent service companies nationally.