The Importance of an Accurate Temperature in a Commercial Oven

Commercial Oven

Anyone who works in a restaurant or other large kitchen understands the critical need for a consistent and accurate temperature in the establishment’s commercial ovens. Maintaining the proper temperature can be tricky, however, if you do not utilize quality, restaurant-grade equipment. Here are some other facts to help you understand the importance of maintaining accurate temperatures in a commercial setting:

The control process

First, it is necessary to understand the basics of the process. Kitchen ovens – even the best commercial ones – use a very simple on/off temperature control scheme. The oven is set to a particular temperature – 350°F – for example. Once the internal temperature reaches that level or slightly above, an internal thermostat turns the heat off. Later, when the internal temperature falls below the preset level, the heat is tuned back on. This process results in a temperature oscillation around the 350°F level rather than a completely steady one.

Features of commercial ovens

In general, commercial ovens are larger in size and greater durability that allows them to handle far more food over a much longer useful life than ovens typically found in the home. In addition, commercial ovens have a number of extra features that allow them to cook more safely and more economically. In particular, they heat faster and to a higher temperature, they are better insulated to keep the heat in and they often utilize steam absorbents to keep fresh foods crisper while being cooked. Finally, they are usually highly energy efficient to help keep utility costs down.

Natural versus “forced” convection

A final, vitally important difference between home and commercial grade ovens is the way that heat is transferred to the food. In an electric home oven, a current is passed through a coil at the bottom of the oven causing the coil to heat up. The air around the coil then heats up and naturally rises up to where the food is located. A commercial electric oven, however, has a heat coil located at the back of the oven and a fan behind the coil. As the coil heats that fan forces the air towards the food. The latter is a much more efficient process that maintains a more consistent temperature.

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