The Importance of Understanding Your Gas Stove Flame Color

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No matter what size your commercial kitchen is, keeping all of your appliances in working order is important, especially when it comes to your gas stove and oven. Did you know that the flame color of your gas appliances can actually indicate when you need commercial appliance repairs? It is true!

For decades, General Parts Group has been providing affordable commercial appliance repairs to clients in nearly every industry. It is our goal to help keep your kitchen or facility running efficiently, so here is some information about how the color of your flame impacts gas appliance performance.


Can Flame Color Affect Temperature & Food Quality?

When there is an issue with the burners, the cooking temperature is one of the first things to be affected. Having a lower temperature can undermine cooking consistency, in addition to making the kitchen more inefficient. Not only is this a factor on a gas stove but the oven as well, which requires an even flame temperature throughout in order to cook food with the right consistency.

Flame Colors & What They Indicate

The color of your gas flame can be a good indication of whether there is a potential issue in the kitchen that calls for commercial appliance repairs. A blue flame is a normal gas stove flame color and is an indication that all is well with your gas appliance: this means there is the proper amount of gas and oxygen is being released from the burner. Red or yellow flames from your gas stove mean there could be a problem, such as incomplete combustion. This color is caused by very fine soot particles produced by the flame, which burns at nearly half the temperature it is supposed to.

What Causes a Difference in Gas Stove Flame Color?

One of the primary factors that affect your gas appliances is air and gas flow, which influences the amount of carbon monoxide in the air. The flame color of the stove is one of the clearest indications that there could be a problem, and that service is needed.

General Parts Group performs affordable commercial appliance repairs!

Do you have a problem with your gas oven or stove? If the flame of your gas appliance is anything other than blue, contact the team from General Parts Group today for an inspection.