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The Power of Data in Food Equipment Service Relationships

Screen shot of data found on General Parts Group's Customer Data Portal

By Michael Brown – Key Account Manager

If there is one thing the entire foodservice industry strives for (other than quality) it is consistency. Through every stage of the food preparation process, great effort is focused on the ability to consistently supply the customer exactly what they are expecting. This has been proven to drive customer loyalty through repeat business often over a wide network of eateries. If you love that burger in Des Moines, you want to be able to love it just as much in Louisville!

The Importance of Food Equipment Service

Foodservice equipment plays a significant role in this endeavor and equipment operating at the original manufacturer intended specifications helps drive predictable products. The trick is, how do you keep food equipment in that original specification especially when you have multiple locations and equipment bought at different times, and a wide area of facilities to manage?

Obviously, you will need an internal maintenance department or more commonly an external service company like General Parts Group, which can help you with both reactive repair and planned maintenance. This helps with getting the work done, but how do you oversee what is going on and how do you keep track of it all?

The Benefits of Our Online Customer Data Portal

Here is where the efficient sharing of data adds a great value. General Parts has developed an online customer data portal that helps in the management of your food equipment assets. This live data drives process transparency and empowers the end-user to make the best decisions about the future needs of their equipment and see exactly what progress has been made with live orders.

Users of the portal have access to the following.

  • All open work orders with the latest service notes.
  • All completed work orders with active links to the invoice.
  • Account statements by store location, great for your AP department!
  • Lifecycle (ROI) cost report by an individual piece of equipment, which helps identify when equipment is no longer cost viable.

All these data options can be exported and downloaded in an Excel format for those users who want to take a deeper dive into the data and perhaps blend it with other internal reports.

If you are an existing user and would like to have your portal turned on, then please reach out to your local branch, it takes only a few moments to go live.

Get Food Equipment Service & Repairs

If you are considering General Parts Group as your new service partner and would like to know more about this tool or would like a demonstration, then please reach out to me, Michael Brown at the following email address. michaelb@generalparts.com