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The Power of Partnership …. continued

General Parts Group's President, Gary Shermann, and team receiving award from Alto-Shaam

By Gary Schermann, CFSP – President
About a year ago I wrote that General Parts Group was named the recipient of the Alto Shaam Authorized Service Partner of the Year Award for 2019. I am pleased to announce that once again General Parts has been recognized by Alto Shaam with the 2020 Alto Shaam Excellence in Service Award.

2020 Award from Alto-ShaamBeing recognized by a partner for our commitment to Service Excellence is an honor but being a back-to-back award winner is a testament to the staying power of our team’s continued focus on our Dedicated Tech and First-Time-Fix Programs.

This past year we expanded our Alto-Shaam partnership into new markets and improved our internal processes to ensure a high continued First-Time-Fix rate. The improvements centered around the management of our inventory levels and have resulted in General Parts having more lower moving, but customer critical parts on hand.

Our 2021 goal will be to improve our on-site response time while maintaining a high First-Time-Fix rate. Combining high First-Time-Fix with a quick on-site response time is the key to lower customer downtime and to true customer satisfaction.
Together, Alto Shaam and General Parts continue to change the landscape of the service game, destination – SERVICE EXCELLENCE!