Tips on Maintaining Your Display Refrigerator or Freezer

Commercial Refrigerators
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Commercial kitchens, stores, and cafes all use display refrigerators or freezers. General Parts Group specializes in display freezer repair and display refrigerator maintenance. We know a thing or two about how display models work and why.

In this blog, we’ll explain what display refrigerators are, what types are available, maintenance requirements, and more.

What is a Display Refrigerator?

A display refrigerator is a commercial refrigerator with a transparent door. A glass door lets chefs, consumers, or suppliers see what’s inside. This is essential when determining what needs to be replenished or when trying to make a sale.

Types of Display Refrigerators

There are many types of commercial display refrigerators, including:

  • Commercial beer and wine fridges: These are designed for pubs, clubs, and restaurants. They cool drinks and make them easily accessible. Liquor stores might use these to display chilled products on the sales floor.
  • Serve over-counter fridge: This is a large commercial display refrigerator that is used in food businesses to merchandise drinks and food. It keeps products at eye level.
  • Merchandiser fridge: Small sushi cases or large ice cream containment units, merchandisers hold a variety of products. Use these to encourage impulse buying.
  • Multi-deck display fridge: For cafes and bistros selling sandwiches to bakeries selling custard-filled delights, a multi-deck lets you put out more merchandise. Drinks and food can be sold from a multi-deck display.

Maintaining a Commercial Display Fridge or Freezer

Display refrigerator maintenance isn’t tough. It simply requires regularity. Regular cleanings, regular inspections from a professional, and regular repairs when needed.

Most of these units last up to 12 years. Depending on where your unit is, display freezer repair and cleaning may have different requirements. The most common steps in maintenance include:

  • Daily: Check temperature to ensure it is working properly
  • Weekly: Clean doors and shelves
  • Monthly: Clean condenser coil and check compressor and fan motor
  • Annually: Cleaning drain lines to prevent water accumulation in the bottom of the cabinet.  If you find water that you cannot determine where it is coming from, a professional checkup and maintenance is in order.
  • Ongoing: Repairs or commercial refrigerator parts replacement as needed

Be mindful of loose parts or squeaky doors as you give everything a once over. If anything seems out of the ordinary, it’s best to fix it before the problem gets worse.

Things to Watch Out For

Some of the major issues during display refrigerator maintenance or display freezer repair include:

  • Gasket seals: The gasket seal on your door is important. If it isn’t sealed when your door closes, the fridge won’t be able to maintain temperature.
  • Clogged coils: A clogged condenser coil can cause the compressor to fail. Watch for leaks around the base of the unit.
  • Loose legs: Look at legs and casters to ensure nothing is bent or wobbly. Some commercial fridges are tall and bulky. If the legs go, it could be a liability issue.

Listen for any strange noises, watch for unusual leaks or cracks, and contact a professional for maintenance.

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