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What Are Ghost Kitchens & Why Will They Continue Growing in Number?

Unless you’re a foodservice industry insider or keep up to date with current commercial kitchen trends, you may not have heard the term “ghost kitchen”. However, they’re growing in popularity and may be able to benefit your business, which is why General Parts Group has collected some facts on this business model.

Let’s take a look at what ghost kitchens are and why they’ll continue being popular in the future.

What Exactly Does the Term “Ghost Kitchen” Mean?

In the simplest sense, a ghost kitchen is a commercial kitchen designed to create take-out or delivery-only meals. This basically means it’s a kitchen for a restaurant without an eating area. Some restaurants that use ghost kitchens may have another location entirely to serve walk-in customers or none at all. Ghost kitchen facilities are also often used to prepare food for multiple restaurant brands.

Why is the Number of Ghost Kitchens Growing?

The number of ghost kitchens has grown steadily over the years for several reasons, the first being that the demand for food delivery has drastically increased. Ghost kitchens make it easier for restaurant owners to focus solely on delivery and provide workspaces uniquely suited to that sector of commercial kitchen services. Another reason they’ve become popular is that there are fewer costs in terms of rent, as well as more flexible solutions when it comes to finding the right location. Lastly, there are lower overhead costs because you won’t need to employ front-end staff.

Why Ghost Kitchens Might Not Be for You?

Starting a ghost kitchen or shifting your commercial kitchen’s offerings might seem like a great way to capitalize on an undersaturated market. A word of caution before you jump-in, they do require planning. There may be new areas of expertise to consider before opening your own ghost kitchen, such as whether or not you have the capacity to make deliveries, both from a vehicle perspective as well as hiring additional team members, it not. There is also the difficulty of providing the very best menu items and maintaining quality control once that delivery item is out the door. Reviews can also be problematic, with some ghost kitchens being reviewed for their delivery services rather than the quality of the meals they create.

General Parts Group Services Ghost Kitchens, Providing Outstanding Repairs & Maintenance!

Are you considering changing your offerings or starting up your very own ghost kitchen? If so, you likely have a lot of questions, such as will you need to invest in new kitchen equipment or implement a new maintenance plan. The commercial kitchen equipment repair and maintenance professionals from General Parts Group can help you answer them all.

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