What is the Difference Between a Bakery Oven and a Pastry Oven?

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Ovens perform a variety of tasks. As such, there are different ovens for specialized jobs. As a leader in commercial oven repair, General Parts Group understands the unique factors that set baking and pastry ovens apart.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at both commercial bakery and commercial pastry oven repair. Topics include the difference between oven types, how convection ovens differ from non-convection ovens and more.

What’s the Difference Between a Baker and a Pastry Chef?

Before going into the details of each oven, we should discuss why the tools for these jobs differ. Pastry chefs and bakers have very different roles.

A baker is a general job title. They may make a wide range of foods, including tarts, cakes, rolls, bread, croissants, biscuits, and cookies. Bakers follow recipes to craft their wares and may work in grocery stores, cafes, or traditional bakeries.

A pastry chef is a trained chef. Rather than serving filet mignon and lobster thermidor, pastry chefs focus on gourmet desserts. Pastry chefs craft their own menus and work alongside other chefs in restaurants. They may also work in a bakery.

Pastry chefs also differ from bakers in that not every task involves cooking. Many pastry chefs specialize in frozen desserts, chocolate-making, custards, crème brulé, and more.

Types of Ovens

Bakeries may use different ovens for different jobs. Some of the ovens found in bakeries include:

  1. Standard Ovens: Radiant ovens are the simplest oven type. They use a bottom heating element that sends radiant heat through the oven. These are the most affordable but not the best for baking. Heat isn’t distributed as evenly as other oven models.
  2. Convection Oven: Convection ovens use a fan to circulate hot air through the oven. This helps to evenly distribute heat for perfect baking. The circulation of hot air makes food cook faster, allowing for larger production of baked goods.
  3. Deck Oven: Deck ovens have heating elements on the top and bottom. Elements can be adjusted individually to create the perfect top and bottom cook, depending on the food being baked.
  4. Conveyer Oven: Conveyer ovens use an impingement to cook food on a conveyor belt. The heating chamber heats the food as it reaches the heating chamber. Jets of hot air are blown over the food. These are commonly found in pizza shops.
  5. Steam Oven: A steam oven uses a water supply to inject steam directly into the hot oven. Steam keeps baking moist. One downfall of the steam oven is its lack of versatility. You can’t create crispy croutons or brownie edges in a steam oven.
  6. Combination Oven: A combi-oven combines pressure less steam, convection, and a combination of convection and steam as options in one piece of equipment. This type of oven allows the end product to be as moist and done to whatever level the chef’s recipe calls for.

Best Ovens for Bakeries

Deck ovens are the top choice for bakers. In a commercial kitchen, commercial deck ovens might be outfitted with multiple baking decks. These are perfect for pastries as the crust can be heated from the bottom at a different temperature than the filling is heated at the top.

The dual heating elements also make a great environment for bread and rolls. Heat is distributed around the loaves.

Best Ovens for Pastries

Convection ovens are the most common in pastry kitchens. Convections are versatile. They work well for pastries because of their advanced temperature range and thorough baking. Convection ovens can also be used to steam.

Commercial convection ovens may come with a rotating rack, single, double, or even ten pan racks. Convection ovens provide the greatest range of dessert creation capability.

Need Commercial Oven Repair or Commercial Oven Parts Replacement?

General Parts Group offers commercial bakery and commercial pastry oven repair and OEM commercial oven parts replacement. They remove old ovens, install new ones, maintain, service, and repair existing units.

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