What it’s Like to Join General Parts as a Food Equipment Field Service Technician

General Parts Group foodservice service technician standing by one of their service vans
By – The Editor
The onboarding of a new field service technician is one of the most important phases of a technician’s career at General Parts Group. The onboarding ‘getting to know you’ conversations are fundamental to building a strong working relationship. It’s something we do not talk about enough, but we are going to remedy that right now!

New hire Jonathon Hobbs has some interesting things to say during his onboarding conversations with his manager Matt Schuetz, and thankfully he has agreed to share his thoughts and experiences with us.

How long have you worked at General Parts?
Three months ago, I hired on with General Parts. The decision process was long for me. I had been burnt by other companies in the past that seemed like upward movement. The employer I left to come to General Parts had almost made me forget why I love my trade. Since coming to General Parts, I feel valued, respected, and at home. I love helping to grow my market, but it’s not something I could do without the support of the office staff and management. Even though we are all still getting used to how one another operates, they are all receptive to new thoughts and ideas. As a team, I feel we are all growing.

How long have you worked in the commercial kitchen equipment repair industry?
About fifteen years ago, I started helping out my friend and his dad, Joel and Warren Brown with their business. Even though I was just a glorified helper, I learned a lot from the Browns. At this time in my life, still young and very green, I unknowingly found my trade. From there, I continued my education and training through various employers.

What made you want to look for a new position?
Each service agency I worked for had its pros and cons, but typically, the biggest con for me was a sense that I, and other techs like me, were disposable.

What made you want to talk/blog about this?
General Parts is the most technician friendly employer I have ever been with. They understand the work family balance and that your life is not supposed to revolve around your service calls. I hope this reaches all the techs out there who feel lost, beat down or jaded with their current employer. I want to let them know that sometimes the grass really is greener on the other side. Yes, that first step towards change is a scary one, but the end results are rewarding. Stay safe out there, and good luck.

If any of Jonathan’s comments struck a chord and have you interested in joining the General Parts team as a field service technician, then please do not hesitate to reach out to your local GP branch at (888) 498 1238 or to recruitment at (952) 996-9311 – email at careers@generalparts.com

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