To succeed as a restaurant owner, you need more than culinary skills. You also need smart investments in the commercial kitchen equipment you rely upon. These are some questions that you should always consider before buying.

Four Vital Questions to Ask Before Investing in Any Commercial Kitchen Equipment

What are the total costs of purchase?
Without even getting into long-term costs, it’s easy for restaurant startups to underestimate the costs of purchasing and installing their equipment. The price tag for the unit by itself is only the starting point. There’s also taxes, fees, transportation, and setup. In some cases, there may even be a need for additional inspects and certifications, or remodeling of the facility.

Always have a good idea of the total cost, before buying.

What will maintenance cost?
Then we get to the long-term TCO. When looking at a piece of equipment, what sort of track record does it or its manufacturer have? Some manual research here can save you a lot of money in the long run. Equipment with low up-front costs may turn out to be money holes with nonstop maintenance demands. Ask the dealer you are working with what the expected annual

maintenance needs will be.

How is its energy-efficiency?
Energy costs are another factor of the TCO which need to be considered. Look carefully at various units’ energy costs and compare that against what you expect to be using. Be certain you aren’t setting yourself up for high ongoing overhead. Also, occasionally you’ll be able to qualify for discounts or tax rebates by buying a “green” model, which is also worth researching.

Do I have room for it?
Never purchase commercial kitchen equipment without knowing exactly how large your kitchen will be. And don’t forget to account for a couple of inches around the perimeter which will be taken up by wiring, pipes, and other various hookups.

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