Why General Parts Group Promotes Safety Culture

General Parts Group Field Service Technician
By Mary Cornett – Safety Coordinator
There are many facets to the role of Safety Coordinator, from working on company policy to administering safe training and unfortunately recording incidents. Experience shows me that the more education and training we conduct at General Parts Group the less incidents there are to record. There is however an extra level of safety which any company can promote and that is creating a safety culture to perpetuate safe operations. The nature of the food equipment repair industry certainly presents some safety challenges, but with good training in place and a healthy safety culture we are meeting these challenges to ensure our employees go home safe at the end of each day.

What is Safety Culture?

Safety culture is about how people work together. While there is no standard definition for safety culture there are commonalities in all of them; it is peoples’ opinions, beliefs, and behaviors toward safety and the spread of them throughout the company from senior leadership to every Field Service Technician. Evidence of a good safety culture includes management commitment at all levels, good communication, effective training, and employee participation.

Why is it important?

Having a good safety culture helps maintain safe operation and can result in the reduction of workplace incidents. If everyone, at all levels of the organization, take safety seriously, complete required trainings, report every near miss, follow safety policies and procedures, and avoid taking short cuts then they will have all contributed to work being conducted in a safe manner.

How can I affect my Company’s Safety Culture?

This is a common question safety professionals hear, especially in larger companies. These are questions I have pondered over the years. How can one person’s action impact the safety culture of an organization? How can I make a difference or affect change? These are big questions to answer and there are lots of great ideas out there, I would like to share my thoughts with you.
It is idea you have most likely heard before, perhaps it was from your parents, schoolteacher, or boss, led by example. Leading by example means to guide others by your actions and behaviors instead of words. Remember your training and always behave like someone is watching. Remember that we work with the general public and every action you take represents our organization.

General Parts Group Prioritizes Safety

At General Parts we work with all employees to instill the view that safety is important, and we promote behaviors that prioritizes safety of both the individual and the safety of those around us. By following policies, wearing required personal protective equipment, reporting near misses, and asking questions we embody a safety culture.