Maintain the Integrity of Your Foodservice Equipment Service Warranty

Foodservice equipment service technician working in a client's kitchen

By The Editor

We have been in the business of servicing commercial kitchen equipment for over 75 years and recognize the investment and critical role your foodservice equipment plays in your operation. Your equipment’s manufacture warranty also plays a role in the success of your kitchen. Maintaining the integrity of your foodservice equipment service warranty can impact the financial picture of your business. A good place to begin is to know who your manufacturer-authorized service company is. Here we review the importance of using a Manufacturer Authorized Company for all your foodservice equipment service and installation needs.

Let us begin…

Did you know that if your commercial kitchen equipment is not working properly, an Authorized Service Company must perform your service/repairs to be covered under the warranty? To avoid voiding your warranty, you must also follow every step outlined in their manual.

What is a Foodservice Manufacturer Authorized Company?
A manufacturer-authorized service company is certified to provide installation, maintenance, and repairs to your commercial kitchen equipment. From the date of installation to the date of expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty, you enjoy free parts and labor for anything covered by the warranty. To avoid costs for equipment service during the life of the warranty, be sure you read the details outlined in the warranty and users’ manual.

Why Use a Manufacturer Authorized Company?
Using an authorized service company is the best way to maximize your return on investment. Avoiding downtime due to broken equipment starts by ensuring your equipment is installed properly in the first place. Authorized dealers have been trained in proper installation and maintenance specific to each brand and model to optimize performance. They also only use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts for any repairs. If your equipment isn’t repaired or maintained by an authorized service company, you may void your warranty for future service calls.

What May Void a Warranty?
The following may void your foodservice equipment manufacturer warranty:
● Not properly installing the equipment as outlined in its manual
● Using the unit in a home or residence
● Not properly maintaining the equipment based on the user manual
● Using the equipment for something other than its intended use as outlined in the manual

Also, damage during the shipment of your commercial equipment is not covered by the warranty. Instead, it is covered by the carrier’s insurance. Be sure to inspect the item at the time of the delivery and report damage right away.

What May Not be Covered by the Manufacturer Warranty?
The following repairs may not be covered by the manufacturer warranty:
● Adjustments, such as calibration, leveling or tightening of fasteners and other steps performed at the initial installation
● Damage by flood, fire or other acts of God
● Damages resulting from improper use or not using appropriate voltage, gas supply and/or good quality water
● Alterations and modifications to the original condition
● Removal of the serial number rating plate
● Use of non-OEM parts and/or its Authorized Parts and Service Distributors
● Commonly replaced parts due to wear such as electric lamps, fuses, interior or exterior finishes and gaskets

How to Maintain Your Manufacturer Warranty
There are a few steps you can take to maintain your manufacturer warranty:
● Only hire an authorized service company to install and start-up your new equipment
● Keep your receipts
● Keep a maintenance record for all equipment service
● Only call the manufacturer or an authorized local agent for maintenance and service
● Understand what will void your warranty such as improper maintenance, improper installation, or use of non-OEM parts

These steps will ensure you maintain your manufacturer warranty until it expires.

The General Parts Group team can identify defects that led to failure to ensure parts and labor are covered under warranty. However, even if the warranty is expired, we can provide solutions to get your foodservice equipment up and running in no time. Click here to book your foodservice equipment maintenance or service appointment or give us a call at 1-888-498-1238.