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Five Musts to Understand About Your Foodservice Equipment Manufacturer Warranty

Doing all you can to ensure you have smooth running foodservice equipment is paramount for your commercial kitchen operation. To ensure your investment is well managed and maintained, a vital partner in your operation is your authorized manufacturer warranty repair company. Following are some handy tips and advice to help you get the most not […]

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Why General Parts Group for your Commercial Refrigeration Repair?

In the foodservice industry, there is no bigger headache than needing commercial refrigeration repair. If the refrigerator is not maintaining the temperature it should or simply goes out, the cost to your operation can be huge when product spoils and is lost This is why the contact information for GP-ServiceDirect, the service division of General […]

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How often should I get my Ice Machine Serviced?

We know how important general maintenance and preventive service is to ensure the consistent quality product you strive for, and your patrons have come to expect. Whether you self-maintain or use a service company, the reliability, speed, and quality is the end result of a properly maintained ice machine. If ice machines and other food […]

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Sometimes Food Equipment Service Issues Are Not What They Appear

“Help! My kitchen is too hot to work in!” Sound familiar? On receiving such a service call, we know we have to send one of our many “combination” technicians. Why? Well, while the obvious culprit may be the HVAC that is not always the case. Foodservice people are a hardy bunch, so if you’ve made […]

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Why use water filters on your Ice machine Systems?

What do you think the percentage of water is in hot & cold beverages, such as coffee, tea, fruit juice, and fountain soda? Coffee is 98% water If you live in a municipality that has a water plant, it is treating your city water to remove bacteria in order to provide safe drinking water to […]

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