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Commercial Kitchen Disposals TLC Steps

By Pat Finley – Master Certified Lead Technician     Under the sink of nearly every food service operation, you will find a commercial kitchen garbage disposal unit in a variety of shapes and sizes. Invented by architect, John W. Hames in the late 1920s, the commercial kitchen industry began to adopt it a few years later. […]

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Maintaining an Open-Air Cooler

By – The Editor Many food retailers and take-out restaurants prefer open-air coolers to other cooling options. The pleasing open display case provides customers with an immediate view of merchandise, making it easier to grab what they need and increase the average basket size. However, the “air walls” used to maintain cooling temperatures can be […]

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Keeping your Commercial Walk-In Cooler – Cool

By Pat Finley – Master Certified Lead Technician Your walk-in cooler is one of the biggest workhorses in your kitchen. It is responsible for keeping food fresh and in the safety zone. If your food is not properly stored, it can spoil quickly or grow harmful bacteria. The ideal temperature for a walk-in cooler is […]

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A Look Back on 2023 – Welcome 2024!

By Ed Eisen – Director of Field Service Operations Well, 2023 is in the rearview mirror. How did that happen so fast? Probably because we were swamped in 2023 at General Parts Group. We haven’t quite recovered to pre-pandemic levels, but we sure leaped in the right direction.  I would like to take this time […]

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Technician Tip – A Few Signs of Potential Trouble with Your Booster Heater

By Pat Finley – Master Certified Lead Technician Out of all of the commercial food equipment you have in your food service operation, what may be the hardest working, yet the least thought about?  If you guessed a booster heater for your dish machine, you are correct!  Typically, it is found under your tray table […]

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