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Important Considerations When Selecting Commercial Kitchen Equipment

The purchase of new commercial kitchen appliances is one of the most important decisions you make regarding your commercial kitchen. Your equipment should last at least a decade, so you want to ensure that what you purchase now will fit nicely in your operation and remain head-ache free for the years to come. Whether it […]

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The Future is Bright for Foodservice Technicians

All companies, if they are being honest, have a subject on which they work harder on than all other subjects. A subject that keeps them awake at night. Ours here, at General Parts Group, is finding service technicians to hire and develop. So, while we’re in a reflective mood, here are our thoughts about the […]

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Why General Parts Supports School Nutrition Association Conferences

As a leader in foodservice equipment installation, maintenance, and repairs, General Parts Group invests time in connecting and networking with as many of its clients as possible. Attending conferences is an ideal way to do just that. Recently we attended the conference held by the Missouri School Nutrition Association which was held in Branson, MO […]

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Manufacturer Partnerships Feature – Alto Shaam

Our manufacture spotlight feature turns its attention in this edition to long-time partner Alto-Shaam. General Parts Group is proud to be able to track its association to Alto-Shaam back to the early 1970s, but Alto-Shaam’s history stretches back a little further than that and is quite an interesting story! Alto-Shaam’s History Founder, Jerry Maahs entered […]

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Why Your Commercial Appliance Repair May Not be Covered Under Your Warranty

We know the circumstance well, within the last year you have purchased a new piece of equipment for your commercial kitchen, it is working well and has become critical to your operation. Then out of nowhere, it stopped working as it should, now you need to set up a service call with an Authorized Service […]

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