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Fryer Filtering

By Pat Finley – Lead Master Certified Technician The most often overlooked part of the kitchen is the fryer oil. Filtering the oil is an essential part of the daily routine. It helps maintain the quality of your product, extends oil life, and cleanliness of the fryer itself. Using a fryer filter prevents food particles […]

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Caring for Your TurboChef | General Parts Group

By Pat Finley – Lead Master Certified Technician From its inception in 1991, TurboChef has grown to be a key piece of cooking equipment in thousands of commercial kitchens around the world. These rapid cook ovens offer both time and power savings so their rise in popularity should be no surprise. General Parts Group has […]

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By – The Editor A commercial kitchen is a busy place, a mixture of people and equipment working together to meet tight deadlines amid a constant flow of activity. Any interruption impacts output immediately, regardless how small, can be frustrating.  Ovens not coming up to temperature, ice forming too slowly, kitchen getting too hot and […]

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Not All Installations Are Equal | General Parts Group

By Tim Koehl – Associate Branch Manager Recently our service team in Indianapolis completed a very interesting installation project, one for the books as you might say. It’s a story that really highlights the skills and the tremendous variety of work undertaken by food equipment technicians. These particular technicians we are proud to have wear […]

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Why Foodservice O.E.M. Parts Matter

By Dan Ferrazzo – Parts Sales Manager Choosing a piece of restaurant equipment can be a long and painstaking process. Consideration must not only be given to functionality but also to the reliability, size, installation requirements and operating costs. The final decision is often the one that offers the best return on your investment. We […]

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