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Meet OEM Parts Specialist Darryel Kelley

By Michael Angello – Parts Sales Manager The fourth installment in our series of ‘Meet the parts team’ focuses on Darryel Kelley.  Darryel is based out of the Pensacola FL branch.  Darryel runs the will-call counter in Pensacola, helps with the phones to key in orders, and runs our fan replacement program.  In this program, […]

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Tips on Maintaining Your Commercial Steam-Powered Equipment

By Pat Finley – Master Certified Lead Technician Steam-powered cooking devices have been around for many years. Commercial steamers and kettles are often used in schools with the aid of a boiler base, but can often be found in larger facilities that have a steam plant for heating and other purposes. In the restaurant world, […]

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Need Commercial Appliance Repair – Whom Do You Call?

By J.R. Weber – Director of Sales It’s Friday afternoon and your prep team arrives at your restaurant to get ready for the busy night ahead. The weekend is here, the weather is beautiful and you are expecting a large crowd. You go to your combi oven to turn it on and you get an […]

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Commercial Deep Fryers – A Comprehensive Guide

By – The Editor As a restaurant owner, if there’s one thing you know, it’s that fried foods are hugely popular and profitable. Efficient and high-quality food is achieved through frying consistency, and to achieve that, fryer maintenance is essential. Here General Parts Group offers a comprehensive guide for commercial deep fryers to help you […]

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Food Service Industry Celebrates Hamburger Day

By – The Editor Hamburger Day – May 28th– is a day of celebration for all hamburger lovers around the world.  For restaurants and the food industry, hamburger day is a significant occasion that provides an opportunity for them to showcase their creativity, offer special deals, and attract new customers. Whether it’s a classic cheeseburger, […]

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