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The Benefit of a Full Lifecycle ASA Relationship

By Joe Johnson – Director of Manufacturer Relations As an Authorized Service Agent (ASA), General Parts Group is committed to supporting our reps, dealers, manufacturing partners, and, most of all, our collective customers. One of the best ways to support the customer is via a full lifecycle relationship for the equipment in their commercial kitchen. […]

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Value of Spring Planned Maintenance for Commercial Kitchen HVAC Systems

By Jason McGillivray – Director of Operations As we get into the Spring season, we recognized that many of our customers will begin the heavy use of their HVAC system.  We asked some of our seasoned technicians on what they think about annual planned maintenance for commercial kitchen HVAC systems in commercial kitchens. Why is […]

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Commercial HVAC Service and Repair – Technician Safety

By Madeline Meacham – Safety Coordinator Safety is a Priority Safety is the number one priority for our field technicians. Not only are we making sure that we are safe, but also ensuring the safety of our fellow co-workers, customers and the general public. Each job/task requires attention to detail and careful planning to ensure […]

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The Food Equipment Service Industry Gets Disruptive

By Stephen Bloomfield – Director of Marketing It is not often that a new association forms in the foodservice industry, especially in the area of equipment service, but it happened in 2019. Enter company CEO Rich Malachy and his Creative Manager Angel Quiroz of Malachy Parts & Service. Together they have been working to lift […]

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General Parts Group’s Training Rooms

By Tim Koehl – Service Manager, Indianapolis It is well known that General Parts Group, nationally recognized food equipment service provider, has four training centers across the USA, however, for this blog, I would like to highlight our Indianapolis team and look at what benefits this facility brings to our community and perhaps provide a […]

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