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Help My Commercial Refrigerator is Slow Cooling

By Pat Finley – Master Certified Lead Technician We at General Parts Group receive a lot of calls from customers saying that they have a refrigerated unit that is cooling slowly. Obviously, the customer has noticed that their unit is taking an extended period of time to bring product down to temperature, but why? Here are […]

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Winner, Winner, Great Chicken Dinner

By Michael Angelo – Parts Sales Manager Everyone who works in or for the foodservice industry know that it’s a tough gig, you can go from hero to zero so fast it’s frightening. We understand this at General Parts Group, and we see it at our customers; that is why we focus so much on […]

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The History of Refrigeration

By The Editor Today we take electric refrigeration for granted. But without it, we wouldn’t be able to safely store our perishable food items or cool our homes. You probably don’t realize that the compressors we use today are based on the same idea of refrigeration created back in 1748. Here General Parts Group looks […]

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How to Identify Parts for Commercial Food Equipment

By Michael Angello – Parts Sales Manager Having been in the commercial food equipment repair industry for many years now, one of the most frequent questions my Parts Specialist team and I get asked is, how do I know what is the correct part for my equipment? With so many models out on the market […]

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Why General Parts Group Promotes Safety Culture

By Mary Cornett – Safety Coordinator There are many facets to the role of Safety Coordinator, from working on company policy to administering safe training and unfortunately recording incidents. Experience shows me that the more education and training we conduct at General Parts Group the less incidents there are to record. There is however an […]

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