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Air Quality in Your Commercial Dining Room

By Michael Brown – Regional Sales Manager Air quality is a very important part of the indoor dining experience. Imagine walking into a new restaurant that you have been excited to try out. That first scent as you walk in the door tells your customers a lot about how their dining experience will be. Crisp […]

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Forged by the Sea, My Journey into the Foodservice Equipment Repair Industry

By Michael Angello – Branch Manager, Tucson As I reminisce about my 15 years in commercial food equipment service, it has occurred to me that I have never really thought about the path that led me to be a part of this amazing industry.  Now that I am looking back, I realize that I never […]

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Benefits of General Parts and CFESA Training Partnership

By Ann Gall – Training & Development Specialist In the commercial foodservice industry, a customer’s safe operation and reliable working equipment is essential to the success of their business. In many cases when a piece of equipment stops working, the business can stop. Knowing where to go for skilled, technically trained, certified technicians to help […]

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Restarting Your Dining Room Ice Machine

By Michael Brown – Regional Sales Manager Going into summer cold drinks are very important to the guest experience. Your ice machine is crucial to producing those cold beverages at your self-serve counters or bar areas. With the move to a carry-out or to-go business model over the last two months many dining rooms or […]

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What Are Ghost Kitchens & Why Will They Continue Growing in Number?

Unless you’re a foodservice industry insider or keep up to date with current commercial kitchen trends, you may not have heard the term “ghost kitchen”. However, they’re growing in popularity and may be able to benefit your business, which is why General Parts Group has collected some facts on this business model. Let’s take a […]

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