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Be Kind to Your Condenser Coils

By Todd Ludtke – Master Certified Technician Tech Tip – Save money and avoid product spoilage with clean coils! As temperatures drop over the winter months, refrigerated equipment is no longer front of mind, but in fact, this is a time to think about commercial refrigeration maintenance and taking extra care of one of the […]

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Meet OEM Parts Team Lead, Tina Nelson

By Michael Angello – Parts Sales Manager If you have ever wondered who picks up the phone or answers your emails when you place a foodservice equipment parts order, then please read on? This is the first of a series to showcase the General Parts Group’s, parts department team, who get your orders moving and […]

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The Covid Planned Maintenance Hangover

By Jerrid Metcalf – Field Service Technician If there is one thing I and my fellow technicians see as a difference in commercial kitchens between now and pre-Covid times, it is maintenance or should I say the lack of it. When you think about it, less maintenance makes sense, Covid was a super tough time […]

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Forging a New Career Path in the Foodservice Equipment Service Industry

Forging a New Career Path in the Foodservice Equipment Service Industry – A Story of the Transition from Office to Field Service Technician in Just 4 Months By Aaron Thompson – Branch Manager, Fort Wayne This is a story of transition, personal growth, and teamwork! In my management career spanning over 20 years, I can […]

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Why Being Familiar with Your Electrical Breakers and Gas Values is Vital in Commercial Kitchens

By The Editor For a field service technician there is only one priority higher than fixing equipment and that is safety. From experience, there is one component of safety that I am passionate about because it sits right at the top of the safety tree and that is electrical breakers and gas shut off valves. […]

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