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Why this Restaurant Equipment Repair Company, General Parts Group, Values its RFMA Membership

Restaurant facility managers have a tremendous responsibility. They oversee multiple facets of their business, from pavement and flooring to roofing and equipment. Managing everything from the floor to the roof is even more complex when the restaurant is part of a chain. Quality hinges on consistency in equipment and service across multiple locations. Facility directors […]

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View Commercial Appliance Repair History & Manage Restaurant Equipment with General Parts Group’s Lifecycle Cost Report

The Lifecycle Cost Report is a free service offered to General Parts Group customers through our service division that allows foodservice managers to monitor their commercial appliance repair history and manage equipment. Upon the initial repair or maintenance, General Parts Group provides customers with live access to the Lifecycle Cost Report through an emailed link. […]

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It’s all About Community at General Parts Group!

On November 12th our Phoenix location held its fifth annual open house. As is tradition our company president Bruce Hodge flew into town and cooked his famous brats in beer, the beers got to be Miller High Life by the way. Preparing this event takes two days, a lot of planning and 300 hotdogs, 300 […]

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General Parts Group – Your Leader for Expert Restaurant Equipment Repair.

For companies within the food services field, an equipment issue within their kitchens can make the difference between business profit and loss. Equipment is the lifeblood of the restaurant industry and it has been the core element of success for a Americas most famous high street restaurant brands. This means that growing foodservice brands require […]

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Oh No, I Need Service! Call General Parts for All Your Restaurant Equipment Repair Needs

If you’ve ever worked in a commercial kitchen you will be familiar with equipment failure. That terrible moment when pressing the ‘on button’ nothing happens and after a few minutes of shaking, blowing, twisting and praying to the god of kitchen equipment nothing happens and realization hits, oh no, I need to place a service […]

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