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Refrigerants in Commercial Foodservice Equipment, What’s the Scoop?

By The Editor The evolution of refrigerants has been fundamental to the way we live today and the development of the commercial foodservice industry. We all know what a refrigerator is, but most of us spend little time thinking about the refrigerants that make them work. This blog explains what refrigerants are and why you […]

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Meet OEM Parts Specialist, Dan Rose

By Michael Angello – Parts Sales Manager Second part of our series of meeting the parts department team is Dan Rose. Dan is one of our Parts Specialists that picks up the phone to help customers, answers emails from customers, and confirms orders from our Amazon storefront. Before General Parts Group, Dan was working just […]

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Ice Machine Cleaning/Maintenance and the Importance of a Properly Trained Technician

By Pat Finley -Master Certified Lead Technician Ice machines are one of the most important pieces of equipment in any commercial kitchen or restaurant. Afterall, ice is one of the most popular items you serve to your customers. Proper restaurant equipment service including cleaning of your unit, promotes smooth operation and minimizes costly down time. […]

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How GP Can Support Your Commercial Food Equipment Replacement Needs

By – The Editor In this blog we meet Key Account Manager, Dean Wayne. As one of our most tenured employees, Dean has a wealth of experience which covers many facets of the commercial food equipment service industry. With over 40 years of experience within the industry, Dean has worked from bus boy, to cook, […]

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What it’s Like to Join General Parts as a Food Equipment Field Service Technician

By – The Editor The onboarding of a new field service technician is one of the most important phases of a technician’s career at General Parts Group. The onboarding ‘getting to know you’ conversations are fundamental to building a strong working relationship. It’s something we do not talk about enough, but we are going to […]

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