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Crafting to be the Best

By Michael Angello – Branch Manager, Tucson At General Parts Group, we install several walk-ins each year.  General Parts, in Tucson AZ, recently had the opportunity to install a walk-in freezer for Tombstone High School.  The technicians that installed the walk-in, seized the opportunity to record the care, expertise, training, and quality they practice when […]

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Food Equipment Repair Industry – Our Customer First Community

If you are familiar with General Parts Group, you will probably have read about why we love working as a support partner to the foodservice industry, with one of the primary reasons being a community. Few industries pull together to get the job done like ours, and you will see no greater example of this […]

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Why I Chose General Parts Group…and Why You Should, Too!

By Bryan Orlenko – Recruiter The number one question I always get asked in my role as a recruiter is, “Why should I come to work at General Parts Group?” My answer is simple: Because we are the best; not just the best foodservice equipment repair company, but we have the best culture also!  All kidding aside, it […]

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Education Leads to Growth

By JR Weber – Director of Sales The one constant in the foodservice industry is that the industry is continually evolving.  The constant evolution of foodservice is one of the many characteristics that make it so enjoyable.  However, this constant evolution also presents its own challenges as well.  The foodservice industry lacks any formal education […]

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Turn-key Foodservice Equipment Replacement

By Michael Brown – Key Account Manager In today’s environment, many are having to make hard choices between repairing commercial kitchen equipment or investing in foodservice equipment replacement.  Money is tight as sales are down and profits are squeezed even thinner.  That is why each decision surrounding your commercial kitchen equipment is so critical. Previously […]

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