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General Parts Group Wishes Everyone a Happy Thanksgiving

Before saying too much else, we’d like to start by thanking all of our dedicated customers for choosing General Parts Group for their commercial appliance services. We could never have gotten as far in our 79-year history without developing relationships with amazing clients around the country, strengthening these bonds each year through dedicated service. Since […]

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What Questions Should You Ask Before Buying Commercial Kitchen Equipment?

To succeed as a restaurant owner, you need more than culinary skills. You also need smart investments in the equipment your kitchen will rely upon. These are some of the questions that you should always consider before buying. Four Vital Questions to Ask Before Investing in Any Commercial Kitchen Equipment What are the total costs […]

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Always Consider These Four Things Before Buying A Commercial Refrigerator for Your Restaurant

In our work providing food equipment service to commercial kitchens, we hear a lot of customer feedback about their equipment purchases. It’s always unfortunate hearing about purchases that were not fit for purpose, particularly when a piece of equipment can interrupt the flow of your kitchen and damage your restaurant’s facilities profits! One of the […]

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Three Tips for Prioritizing Commercial Appliance Repair and Maintenance in Your Kitchen

When setting up a new kitchen and opening the doors to the public, it may be easy to overlook the importance of routine maintenance for their equipment. At the stage of purchasing new equipment, one might assume they should get years of use without needing much commercial appliance repair. Unfortunately, that is not the case. […]

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Why Do You Need A Commercial Appliance Repair Service Company?

If a piece of equipment breaks in your commercial kitchen, you just call in a service guy to fix it… right? Well, if your business relies on your kitchen running flawlessly, day after day, it’s often not that simple. You need a commercial appliance repair partner you can rely on, one which understands your equipment […]

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