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Commercial Convection Ovens – Are They Worth It?

By – The Editor A convection oven refers to a type of oven that uses a fan, or fans to circulate hot air rather than only relying on radiated heat from the heating elements or gas burner. Convection ovens are able to cook food slightly faster and more evenly than traditional ovens by circulating the […]

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Alto Shaam Cook & Hold Ovens and Cabinets

By Pat Finley – Master Certified Lead Technician The Cook & Hold oven with Halo Heat® technology has been a staple in the food service industry since its introduction in 1970, but commercial ovens manufacturer Alto Shaam introduced the holding cabinet in 1968. They utilize cable heating elements wrapped around an insulated cabinet or box. […]

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What is the Difference Between a Bakery Oven and a Pastry Oven?

By – The Editor Ovens perform a variety of tasks. As such, there are different ovens for specialized jobs. As a leader in commercial oven repair, General Parts Group understands the unique factors that set baking and pastry ovens apart. In this blog, we’ll take a look at both commercial bakery and commercial pastry oven […]

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Alto-Shaam Vector Multi-Level Cooking

By Pat Finley – Master Certified Lead Technician Alto Shaam’s latest oven is the Vector, a multi-cook oven.  This oven is versatile and has 2, 3, or 4 shelves, also referred to as a zone, allowing each to have their own unique temperature setting. This allows for a wider variety of products to be cooked […]

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Tips on Maintaining Your Display Refrigerator or Freezer

By – The Editor Commercial kitchens, stores, and cafes all use display refrigerators or freezers. General Parts Group specializes in display freezer repair and display refrigerator maintenance. We know a thing or two about how display models work and why. In this blog, we’ll explain what display refrigerators are, what types are available, maintenance requirements, […]

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