General Parts Opens Training Unlimited for Commercial Kitchen Equipment Training

Commercial Kitchen Equipment Training

By – The Editor
General Parts, a multi-state service company, provides commercial kitchen equipment repair, specializing in food service equipment, commercial appliances, and all commercial refrigeration equipment and HVAC for over 60,000 customers and 400 manufacturers.  Our award-winning service departments, located in our 30 locations are staffed with over 200 field service technicians, many hold a CFESA “Master Certification”, the highest level of achievement in the industry.

We at General Parts value training and development and offer many opportunities for each field service technician and are happy to announce the inauguration of Training Unlimited, our most recent commercial kitchen equipment training center to help those interested in joining the commercial food equipment service industry jumpstart their career.

Who is Training Unlimited For?

General Parts’ service technician team

New-hire General Parts field service technicians who need to learn the field of food service equipment repair. Designed to help build the proper commercial kitchen equipment repair skills from the ground up, this eight-week course covers key essentials such as electric, gas, and steam commercial kitchen maintenance and repairs.

The course is fully immersive and is a mix of field experience and classroom training, providing all of the tools one needs to have a career with the General Parts’ service technician team.

Why Choose General Parts?

  • Learning in a Supportive Environment: At General Parts, we’re a family and Training Unlimited is no exception! While attending this eight-week training course, you will be a valued paid team member from the very start of your training journey. Our instructors are fully committed to providing you with all of the support and positive feedback you need for success.
  • In-Depth Training: Training Unlimited leaves no stone unturned when it comes to commercial kitchen equipment training. We cover all the core components of food service equipment repair to provide you with a wealth of experience and skills, giving you a balanced blend of hands-on practice and the theory behind it.

In-Depth Training

  • Real-World Experience: One of the most important aspects of our commercial kitchen equipment repair training is you will go beyond the classroom to get your hands dirty. As a commercial kitchen equipment repair technician, you’ll need to be able to think on your toes and deal with a variety of situations that may arise, and we provide you with the real-world experience necessary to do so.
  • Your Doorway to Success: If you want to embark upon a rewarding journey in the food equipment service industry, General Parts and our Training Unlimited program are your first stepping stones to a successful career. The industry is ever-evolving and there are always new paths to follow and ways to expand your skillset.

Contact us today at to begin your career as a food service equipment technician!