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The Right Commercial Oven Repair Team

General Parts Group is an independent foodservice equipment service company and therefore believes that the best piece of equipment a restaurant can have is the one that makes it money. Independence gives General Parts the ability to work with virtually all equipment brands, many as a warranty authorized agent. Working with many different manufacturers can […]

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Time to Make Your Commercial Kitchen Cool and Breezy

It’s Getting Hot in Here! It is summertime and things are heating up in the kitchen. The time-honored advice is “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”. But you really don’t want your cooks and kitchen staff leaving when it gets too hot, do you? Here are some steps you can […]

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General Parts Group Lends Support to the Minnesota School Food Buying Group

General Parts Group is pleased to have recently provided its test kitchen facility as a meeting space for the annual food buying event held by the Minnesota School Food Buying Group (MSFBG). There are approximately 150 school districts involved with the MSFBG and the event was attended by members including Foodservice Directors, Assistant Directors and […]

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TurboChef Oven Error Codes & Repair Tips

When it comes to expedited fast food service no other commercial appliance says fast cooking than does the My TurboChef Oven. Designed specifically to cook various foods quickly, this particular appliance needs to be properly maintained in order to avoid TurboChef oven error codes. Here is a list of error codes and brief description of […]

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Foodservice Equipment Repair News – What is it Like to Work with Gordon Ramsay?

Ask anyone who works in the foodservice industry ‘what is it like’ and they will probably tell you, it’s hard work but fun and no two days are the same. As a supplier of foodservice equipment repair services, we can certainly attest to that. We need to fit seamlessly into the environment of where the […]

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