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Service Agent

Employee-owned since May 2007, Hatco Corporation has been a creator of innovative and bold equipment for the many facets of the foodservice industry. For example, Hatco’s commercial induction cooktops, grills, griddles, and warmers along with other cooking equipment support the hot side; their commercial water boosters support the ware washing side; and commercial coolers and dispensers support the cold side of your operation.

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Why Choose Us?

General Parts Group is a Hatco Corporation Manufacturer Authorized Service Company and as such is certified to provide the following services across all of its 30 locations, for the entire Hatco Corporation product line:
  • Warranty Work
  • Installation
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Reactive Repairs Post Warranty

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    General Parts Group supports all Hatco Corporation’s commercial product lines.

    Buffet Warmers (Drop-In)
    IWRM-UT Models
    IWRM-B1 Models
    HSBF-GL Models
    HSBF-HC Models
    HSBF-SS Models
    HBGB Models
    GRSB Models
    GRSBF Models
    GRSSB Models
    HCSBF Models
    HCSSB Models
    HCSSBF Models
    HCSBFR Models
    HCSBFX Models
    HCSSBR Models
    HCSSBX Models
    HCSSBFR Models
    HCSSBFX Models

    Buffet Warmers (Portable)
    IWRM-C1 Models
    IWRM-CD1 Models
    GRBW Models
    GR2BW Models
    GR-B Models
    GRS Models
    GR2S Models
    GRSR Models
    GRSS Models
    GRSSR Models
    GRSSR-DL77516 Models
    GRHW-XSG Models
    GRHW-XSGS Models
    GRHW Models
    HGSM Models

    Carving Stations
    DCS Models
    DCSB Models

    Cold Wells
    CWB Models
    CWB-S Models
    CWBR Models
    CWBX Models
    CWBR-S Models
    CWBX-S Models
    IWB Models
    IWB-S Models
    HCWBI Models
    HCWBIR Models
    HCWBIX Models
    Commercial Heat Lamps

    Food Warmers & Soup Wells (Countertop)
     CHW Models
     HW Models
     RHW Models
     SW2 Models

    French Fry Warmers
     GRFS Models
     GRFSL Models
     GRFSC Models
     GRFSCL Models
     GRFHS Models
     GRFHS-PT Models
     GRFHS-PTT Models
     GRFF Models
     GRFFB Models
     GRFFBL Models
     GRFFL Models
     UGFF Models
     UGFFL Models
     UGFFB Models
     UGFFBL Models
     LW Models
     MPWS Models

    Food Display Cases & Merchandisers
    FDWD Models
    FSCD/FSCDH Models
    FS3HAC Models
    FSD Models
    FSDT Models
    WFST Models
    LFST Models
    IHDCH Models
    GRCMW Models
    GRCMW-XD Models
    GRCMW-XDH Models
    GRSDH Models
    GRSDH-XXD Models
    GRSDS Models
    GRSDS-XXD Models
    GRSDS-XXT Models
    GRSDS/H-XXD Models
    GR2SDH Models
    GR2SDH-XXD Models
    GR2SDS Models
    GR2SDS-XXD Models
    GR3SDH Models
    GR3SDH-XXD Models
    GR3SDS Models
    GR3SDS-XXD Models
    GR3SDS-XXDCT Models
    GR3SDS-XXTCT Models
    GRPWS Models
    HXMH Models
    HXMH-XXD Models
    HXMS Models
    HXMS-XXD Models
    HZMH Models
    HZMH-XXD Models
    HZMS Models
    HZMS-XXD Models
    GRHD Models
    GRHDH Models
    GRCD Models
    GRCDH Models
    GRHW-XSGD Models
    GRHW-XSGDS Models
    FDWD-1-MN Models
    FST-1-MN Models
    MDW Models
    PW Models

    Frost Tops
    FTB Models
    FTB-S Models
    FTBR Models
    FTBX Models
    FTBR-S Models
    FTBX-S Models
    CSBF Models
    CSSB Models
    CSSBF Models
    CSU Models
    CSBFR Models
    CSBFX Models
    CSSBR Models
    CSSBX Models
    CSSBFR Models
    CSSBFX Models
    CSUR Models
    CSUX Models
    HCSBF Models
    HCSSB Models
    HCSSBF Models
    HCSBFR Models
    HCSBFX Models
    HCSSBR Models
    HCSSBX Models
    HCSSBFR Models
    HCSSBFX Models

    Glow Ray Food Warmers
    GR5A/GR5AH Models
    GR5AL/GR5AHL Models
    GRA/GRAH Models
    GRAL/GRAHL Models
    GR2A/GR2AH Models
    GR2AL/GR2AHL Models
    GR2A-XXD/GR2AH-XXD Models
    GRAIH Models
    GRAIHL Models
    GRAIH-XXD Models
    GRAIHL-XXD Models
    GRAM Models
    GRAML Models
    GRAM-XXD Models
    GRAML-XXD Models
    GRN/GRNH Models
    GRNM Models
    GR/GRH Models
    UGA/UGAH Models
    UGAL/UGAHL Models

    Holding Cabinets & Proofers
    FSHAC Models
    FS2HAC Models
    FS2HAC Models
    FSHACH Models
    FSHC-5W-EE Models
    FSHC-12W Models
    FSHC-17W Models
    PFST Models

    Hot Wells & Soup Wells (Drop-In)
    IWELB Models
    HWB-FUL Models
    HWBI-FUL Models
    HWBIB-FUL Models
    HWB-43 Models
    HWBI-43 Models
    HWBI Models
    HWBI-S Models
    DHWBI Models
    DHWBI-S Models
    HWBI43 Models
    COVFUL Models
    HWB-XQT Models
    HWBI-XQT Models
    HCWBI Models
    HCWBIR Models
    HCWBIX Models

    Grills, Griddles& Panini Presses
    KGRDE Models
    KGRDG Models
    MCG Models

    Rethermalizers / Bain Marie Heaters
    FR Models
    FR2 Models

    Salamander Broilers/Cheese Melters
    SAL Models

    Waffle Makers
    KWM09 Models
    KWM18 Models
    KWM18-BU Models
    KWM18-CH Models
    KWMSL Models
    FWM Models
    RWM Models
    SNACK Models

    Crepe Makers
    KCME Models
    KCMG Models

    Electric Sauce Warmer
    KSW Models

    Induction Cooktops (Drop-In)
    IRNG-PB1-1X Models
    IRNG-PB1-3X Models
    IRNG-PB2 Models
    IWRM-UT Models
    IWRM-B1 Models

    Induction Cooktops (Portable)
    IRNG-PC1-1X Models
    IRNG-HC1-1X Models
    IRNG-PC1-3X Models
    IRNG-PC2F Models
    IRNG-PC2S Models
    IRNG-BXC1-1X Models
    IWRM-C1 Models
    IWRM-CD1 Models
    ITQ Models
    TK Models
    TQ3 Models
    TQ Models
    TPT Models

    Sneeze Guards
    ED20 Models
    EP5 Models
    EP5-RING Models
    EP7 Models
    EP11 Models
    EP12 Models
    EP15 Models
    EP21 Models
    EP22 Models
    EP36 Models
    ORBIT100 Models
    ORBIT360 Models
    ORBIT720 Models
    ORBIT900 Models
    ALLIN1 Models
    EP950 Models
    EP6 Models
    B950 Models
    B950SWIVEL Models
    ES29 Models
    ES31 Models
    ES40 Models
    ES53 Models
    ES67 Models
    ES73 Models
    ES82 Models
    ES90 Models
    ES92 Models

    Using an authorized service company is the best way to maximize your return on investment. Avoiding downtime due to broken equipment starts by ensuring the commercial induction cooktop, food warmers, or serving station is installed properly. As a manufacturer-authorized service agent, our field service technicians have been trained by Hatco Corporation product experts in proper installation and maintenance specific to each brand and model to optimize performance. We are also here to service your needs when the warranty period has expired.

    General Parts Group guarantees its work with a 90-day guarantee on its parts and service.  We provide OEM parts when available for all our repairs which ensures you will be compliant with your Hatco Corporation equipment warranty. It is our goal to provide a first-time fix to your issue while bringing your equipment back to the manufacturer’s specifications once repaired. For Hatco Corporation commercial kitchen equipment repairs, book a service-call or contact us at (888) 498-1238 to learn what we can do to return your equipment to working order.


    For questions regarding the warranty status or other questions about your Hatco Corporation equipment, please contact their Customer Service.