PITCO Authorized
Service Agent

PITCO, an industry leader in advancing technology for frying equipment in the commercial foodservice operations for over 100 years.

In 1918, with the innovation that created the Friolator, PITCO Friolator’s Founder, J.C. Pitman improved the quality of fried food, changing the art of deep fat frying and its economics.

Made in the USA, Pitco fryers have stood the test of time and as of 1981 are members of the Middleby Corporation family and have become the world’s most reliable fryer company

General Parts Service Technician working on a Pitco Fryer

Why Choose Us?

General Parts Group is a PITCO Manufacturer Authorized Company and as such is certified to provide the following services across all of its 30 locations, for the entire PITCO product line.

  • Warranty Work
  • Installation
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Reactive Repairs Post Warranty

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    General Parts Group Supports All of Pitco’s Product Line

    ROV Gas Fryers
    Solstice Supreme Gas Fryers
    Solstice Gas Fryers
    Economy Gas Fryers
    ROV Electric Fryers
    Solstice Electric Fryers
    Economy Electric Fryers

    Countertop Fryers
    Crisp N' Hold
    Crisp N' Hold Floor Models
    Bread & Batter Dump Stations
    Flat Bottom Fryers
    Megafry Fryer
    Gas Rack Fryer

    Oil Reclamation Systems
    Portable Filtration Units
    Solstice Filter Drawer
    Pasta Cookers
    Countertop Rethermalizers
    Floor Rethermalizers

    Using an authorized service company is the best way to maximize your return on investment. Avoiding downtime due to broken equipment starts by ensuring the fryer is installed properly in the first place. As an authorized company, our field service technicians have been trained by Pitco product experts in proper installation and maintenance specific to each brand and model to optimize performance. We are also here to service your needs when the warranty period has expired.

    General Parts Group guarantees its work with a 90-day guarantee on its parts and service.  We provide OEM parts when available for all our repairs which ensures you will be compliant with your Pitco equipment warranty. It is our goal to provide a first-time fix to your issue, while bringing your equipment back to the manufacturer specifications once repaired. For Pitco fryer repairs book a service-call or contact us at (888) 498-1238 to learn what we can do to return your equipment around.


    For questions regarding the warranty status or other questions of your Pitco equipment, please contact Pitco’s Customer Service now or by calling 1-603-225-6684 today!