RATIONAL AG Authorized
Service Agent

Rational AG is a German manufacturer and retailer of commercial kitchen equipment for the hot side of food preparation.  Rational combi ovens were invented in 1976 with the combi steamer and have been concentrated solely on combi steamers and ovens since 1978.

General Parts Group has a Dedicated Technician program in almost all of our branches that do warranty work for Rational. This program identifies the most common parts needed to repair the ovens and stocks them on the trucks of the technicians that are Rational trained. This has increased the probability of a first time fix, which is extremely important to both you the customer, and Rational.

Why Choose Us?

General Parts Group is a Rational Authorized Service Company and as such is certified to provide the following services across all of its 30 locations, for the entire Rational product line:

  • Warranty Work
  • Installation
  • Planned Maintenance
  • Reactive Repairs Post Warranty

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    General Parts Group supports all Rational commercial products to include.

    Pro 2-S
    Pro XL
    iCombi Pro
    iCombi Classic

    Using an authorized service company is the best way to maximize your return on investment. Avoiding downtime due to broken equipment starts by ensuring the commercial combi oven is installed properly. As a manufacturer-authorized service agent, our field service technicians have been trained by Rational product experts in proper installation and maintenance specific to each brand and model to optimize performance. We are also here to service your needs when the warranty period has expired.

    General Parts Group guarantees its work with a 90-day guarantee on its parts and service.  We provide OEM parts when available for all our repairs which ensures you will be compliant with your Rational equipment warranty. It is our goal to provide a first-time fix to your issue while bringing your equipment back to the manufacturer’s specifications once repaired. For Rational combi oven or steamer repairs, book a service-call or contact us at (888) 498-1238 to learn what we can do to return your equipment to working order.


    For questions regarding the warranty status or other questions about your Rational equipment, please contact their Customer Service