Sometimes Food Equipment Service Issues Are Not What They Appear

“Help! My kitchen is too hot to work in!” Sound familiar?

On receiving such a service call, we know we have to send one of our many “combination” technicians. Why? Well, while the obvious culprit may be the HVAC that is not always the case. Foodservice people are a hardy bunch, so if you’ve made this call, we already know you’re busy, you have customers, and your cook line needs help, so this is a problem that needs to be resolved ASAP.

Your kitchen is an ecosystem; each piece of equipment not only affects the environment but also impacts all your other equipment. Here at General Parts Group, we are well versed with the ecosystem philosophy and are working hard to train all our technicians to be Combination Master Certified Technicians to conduct your commercial appliance repair.

Let’s go back to the service call to demonstrate the point. If the call was placed to a professional foodservice equipment company like General Parts, you should expect the technician to review not only the HVAC system but also the other equipment that works in tandem with the HVAC. For instance, is the extraction hood working, is the make-up air functioning, did you install new equipment, has the configuration of your kitchen changed in any way? This is just one instance where a professional foodservice equipment technician’s insight will save you both time and money. In addition, a professional foodservice technician will be able to help you design a planned maintenance program that will help ensure that your kitchen is working in harmony with its original specifications. These types of maintenance programs not only enhance your working environment, but they also defend against equipment failure, extend equipment life, and most importantly, protect product quality and consistency.

We think this ecosystem philosophy is kind of a big deal. We know that you “get along” with your service company, but at the same time, it’s just fine if you don’t see them for a while. If you do need to place that call, they are in and out of your facility as fast as possible. We get it, we really, really do.

About General Parts Group

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