Tips to Maintaining Your Commercial Rotisserie Oven

Rotisserie oven

More often than not, there are a lot of different factors to running a successful restaurant and while you have a plethora of different resources available in your kitchen the one resource that has proven faithful time and time again is the rotisserie oven. Two of the most common factors, why the rotisserie oven is among the best appliances to use in a commercial kitchen, is because it expedites service times and it saves on energy costs. That said, how can you keep your rotisserie oven well maintained and running more efficiently? Here’s how.


Let’s face it, your rotisserie oven is more than likely running during the better portion of the day. As such, it is best to thoroughly clean the oven after the day is done due to the vast amount of grease and cooked food build-up that has taken place. Although the rotisserie oven is capable of cooking food quickly some key areas to pay close attention to when it comes time to clean up are the spits and rotors. Both should be removed and soaked in a cleaning solution as this allows any stuck-on particles to be easily washed away. Each rotisserie oven is different in that there are different recommended cleaning agents to use. Also, there is no different cleaning method other than the aforementioned.


In order to keep your rotisserie oven running at its optimal performance, you will need to keep it well maintained via a strict maintenance schedule that includes keeping the main bearings well lubricated on an annual basis. Additionally, for units that have them you will need to pay close attention to the replacement needs of the motor brushes which has a recommended time frame of 3 months. Furthermore, other parts that should be repaired accordingly include the speed control knob, the inner drum seal, and more. Basically, check the entire oven and all associated parts on a regular basis.

In conclusion, the folks at General Parts Group are well-equipped and certified in handling all types of commercial rotisserie oven installs, repairs, and more. Furthermore, any part that you see not functioning properly due to overuse or any other related problem can easily be repaired as the General Parts Group has any type of part needed to get your rotisserie oven back to its maximum performance level. Ultimately, cleaning a rotisserie oven is the best maintaining way, repairs are common from time to time.