Scrubbing Made Easy: Commercial Dishwasher Repair

If there's been one clear lesson from this pandemic year, it's this:

All of us in the foodservice business have pulled together and proven we are the most resilient industry in America. As we adapt to one of the most turbulent times in our industry’s history, the General Parts team has focused on helping our customers and partners save as much money as possible on their foodservice equipment maintenance and commercial kitchen equipment repair costs.

No commercial kitchen wants to spend unnecessary money for repairs, even in the best of times. During a downturn, in-house maintenance becomes even more important to extend the life of your machines.

And one of the most important—and often neglected—machines is the commercial washer.

Your Hardest Working Commercial Kitchen ApplianceDirty Dishes

Your dishwasher is running repeatedly every day, sometimes throughout the entire day. They are in use far more than most commercial appliances. With so much use, all kinds of problems can arise with water intake, poor drainage, leaks, and finally, breakdowns.

But commercial ware washing machines of all kinds, be it rack or continuous conveyor or an under the counter, should last and work for you and your staff for up to ten years. Your first step to hitting that longevity goal?

Daily Cleaning

You have to clean what's cleaning for you! All components, including the spray arm, should be cleaned up. The interior should be wiped down, and of course, check for any cracks or issues that may have come up during the day.

Finally, remind the staff to always empty and then leave the commercial dishwasher open to dry. We know the last load of the night is usually the last thing we get done…but make sure you're taking that last step as well.

Follow Best Dish Cleaning Practices

Makes sure your staff is soaking, rinsing, and pre-cleaning all dishes! As we all know, one of the biggest issues for a commercial dish machine is the debris and dirt that naturally builds up over time. Don't add to that issue by putting in overly dirty dishes. Quick training, placards, and friendly reminders go a long way to helping your staff help their equipment.

Change Your Filter

Change the machine filter every twenty cycles or so. You can also save money by simply cleaning it with soap and water.

Oh, and we're only saying it because we've seen it done: make sure to replace the filter and always have one in when the dishwasher is working.

Preventative Commercial Dishwasher Maintenance

Flight Type Conveyor DishwasherTo maximize both the effectiveness and the lifespan of any commercial appliance, it's always a good idea to have regularly scheduled maintenance. This should be done by a certified technician every six months.

But what has been "regularly scheduled" about 2020? General Parts offers preventive maintenance, and we've worked with our partners through pauses, lockdowns, and re-openings to make sure that they have the preventative maintenance they need at a price they can afford.

On-Demand and On-Time Repair

General Parts is a critical infrastructure industry, so we remain open and will always be here for your needs. So whether you have planned maintenance or need an emergency repair, we're ready to serve your needs.

Our industry-certified technicians have the expertise, tools, and training needed to do the job quickly, effectively, and within your budget. We also offer a 90-day guarantee of parts and service from the original service call.

Think of General Parts as your one-stop commercial kitchen equipment repair partner. Contact us for any of your needs, and we'll happily work with you to maximize your equipment. Until then, follow our helpful self-maintenance tips for the lifespan of your equipment. It's been a difficult year, but together, we will get through.